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Forthcoming Events

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(Some dates/venues offered via West Sussex Area Group 16mm)

Nb.Garden railways are 32mm gauge unless noted otherwise

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Secondhand Sales @ All Day Steam-up

Posted by Dudley on 26 September, 2016 at 15:05 Comments comments (0)

Bring your unwanted railway paraphernalia along for us to sell at the All Day Steam-up. The link to the seller's form is at the foot of the All Day Steam-up section on our Homepage.

If, as we hope, you're a member of the Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers you'll have a three or four figure membership number. This can be used to identify you both on your completed form and on the labels you attached to your sale items or 'lots'. If for example your number is 1234 and you have five items/ lots to sell the tickets would read 1234/1, 1234/2, 1234/3, 1234/4 and you can probably guess the last one!

A 'lot' may comprise one item or a small collection of items; for example a single coach/ wagon or a rake of coaches/ wagons - the choice is yours.

We accept railway items in all scales; live steam to electric, including books, photographs, railwayana, some magazines, tools and accessories. No general 'tat' please.

If you are not a member of the Association fill out your form(s), price your tickets and when you bring them to the show we'll assign you a special number for non- members.

Please print the sellers form double sided, ie Page 1 with Page 2 on the back as many times as you need. Alternatively, hard copies can be sent by post. Each item needs a label attached, on one side being the price, on the other the lot no. as above. The commission is 7.5% to our East Surrey Group. However, for a small number of items, you may wish to leave the listing/labelling until you arrive, labels can be provided. Advice can be given on pricing and also, in case of need, items can be collected from your home address and other assistance given. We are also able to sell items on behalf of widows/ deceased members. Please contact us via this website or email Tim below, if we can help. 

 For Secondhand Sales assistance and enquiries please email [email protected] (deleting the 9)